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We as a Serve-A-Wish help our Campaign Owners to raise funds for each and every genuine cause. Because someone’s help may not change the world however it will definitely change the world for that needy individual.

Sagar Gupta
Firoz Shaikh

” Enable the power of crowdfunding by associating with an Global Fundraising Platform.”

Paresh Shah
"Really grateful to Mr. Prem who helped me to set-up the campaign and assisting me throughout in making it successful."
Suraj Shinde
Pune, Maharashtra.
"Helped an NGO to raise INR 10 Lakhs for the stranded elders in the out skirts of Delhi-Haryana. Kudos to Serve-A-Wish"
Gunjan Rana
Delhi, India
"Raised INR 3.5 Lakhs for my cousin's medical treatment in just 23 days "
Kyati Makhija
Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra.
"Serve-A-Wish helped me to overcome from my debts, which wasn't possible without you guys"
Ganesh Mhoprekar
Mumbai, Maharashtra.
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You don't have to worry for anything, as we wil be always there with you in your journey to raise funds in your campaign fom the beginning to end.

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It is free to sign up, to create a campaign, and to contribute to a campaign. While it’s free to launch your campaign, fees are deducted from each donation.


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