Funds needed for my Start-up in software industry

Myself Nitesh kambale,I am seeking funds for my new business setup of software and networking.
I will need around 90 Lakhs for it to start a decent earning.
I have quality knowledge and 3.5 to 4 years work experience into this field.
Also I have tones of contact to providing network and raw material as well.

Required essential:-

1) Well furnished office with splacing machine, cctv security and computer set-ups.
2) Raw material
3) Man Power.
4) Gipon system

Estimate business set up cost:- 90 Lakhs.

Raising funds for my start-up into Hotel Industry

I am Mayur Gholap seeking funds for my start up of Restaurant. I will need atleast 1 crore for it to start.

Have mentioned below the expenses in order to start and keep it running.
Amenities required for the project.
1) Supply, Installation, Erection and Commissioning of Kitchen equipments
2) Module mounting structure and associated civil works.
3) Installatiin Errection & Commissioning of Invertors.
4) Permits & Licensing
5) Man force requirements.
14) Miscelleneous.


With your support surely will be able to create jobs in solapur by starting my restaurant there.

Seeking a help to get rid off from my personal loans

I am Komal raising funds for 45 Lakhs to pay off my debts. Actually I am hard working women with a family who were dependent on me. I joined a business which ended up as a fraud and brought me in this situation where I have to pay 45 Lakhs to my borrowers which is very difficult for me to pay. So would appreciate if you guys can become angels of my life by donating as much as you can.

Seeking funds for my start-up into Fitness Industry

I am Nikhil Shigwan seeking funds for my start up of Fitness Centre Project. I will need atleast 25 Lakhs for it to start with a decent earnings. when we look back on the evolution of the fitness industry in India it is fascinating to see how the demand for fitness products and services has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. The number of over weight and obsese people in India doubled inblast decade. I want to start my Fitness Centre Project at the Heart of The Thane City for that I need estimated project fund of Rs. 25,00,000/-

Project Essentials:-
1) Building Advance
2) Training Equipments
3) Computer, CCTV, Office Furniture
4) Music Systems
5) Electrification & Cabling
6) Preliminary Expanses
7) Branding & Marketing Set Up
8) Interior Work
9) Working Capital


Funds Required- 2500000

Need funds for my Start-Up into catering

I am Jeet Waghmare, Mumbai seeking funds for catering business in Mumbai and suburban. I will need atleast 25 Lakhs for it to start with a decent earnings. Food Services emerges as a key segment in Indian Economy. Indian Food Services market on India is estimated at INR 3,37,500/- crore in 2017 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10% over the next 5 years to reach INR 5,52,000/- crore by 2022. I want to open my catering project in Mumbai for which I need to raise estimated fund of Rs. 25,00,000/-. Project cost as follows:- 1) Central Kitchen 2:- 2,00,000/- 2) Utensils 800:- 3,00,000/- 3) Grinder 3:- 1,00,000/- 4) Gas Stove 3:- 50,000/- 5) Vessels 100:- 3,00,000/- 6) Preliminary Expanses:- 5,50,000/- 7) Working Capital & Other Expanses:- 10,00,000/- Total Project Cost:- 25,00,000/-

Raising funds for my Start-up (Bamboo farming)

I am Sumit, raising funds for my startup in bamboo farming which will be based in Maharashtra. So I need your support to start this business as soon as possible which has the capacity to bring fortune. Bamboo is an important part in the socio-economic development of India. It greatly contributes to the economy of the nation. It is estimated that, the annual turnover from bamboo plantation in the country amount to 9000/- crores of rupees.
The demand of bamboo in India around 26 million metric tonnes approximately and is expected to increase in the near future.

Uses of Bamboo:-
1) Fencing
2) Support Material in Agriculture.
3) Construction Purpose.
4) Handicrafts
5) The Shoots are edible.
6) Making furniture.
7) Panels and Particle Boards.
8) Pulp and Paper.
9) Biomass production.
10) Making Musical Instruments.

Project Quotation as under:-
1) Cost of planting material:- 60,000/-
2) Manure Charges:- 50,000/-
3) Fertilizers Charges:- 1,00,000/-
4) Drip Irrigation Installation:- 3,00,000/-
5) Cost Of Insecticides and pesticides:- 1,00,000/-
6) Fencing Charges:- 2,00,000/-
7) Labour Charges:- 9,00,000/-
8) Cost Of Irrigation:- 3,00,000/-

Total Cost of Project:-

Need funds for Goat Farming Business

I am Sachin seeking funds for my start-up which will be based in Ratnagiri. I will need atleast 20 Lakhs for it to start with a decent earning. Goat is popularly known as poor mans cow. So many peoples are showing interest in raising goats in Maharashtra since goat meat has excellent demand. Goats can be raised for different purpose such as meat, milk, and skin.
However most commercial goat farming in Maharashtra is done in an intensive semi- intensive or stallfed environment. Maharashtra topography and climate is very well suited for goat farming. Profits in goat farming are limitless under ideal livestock management practices.

The fixed investments include:-
land, shed/shelter, storage items, pasture area, feeding trough, drinkers, electric equipment, waste management, feed cutting machines, feed storage room, and milking equipment for dairy goats.

The list of goat breeds as:-
1) Osmanabadi Goat Breed
2) Beetal Goat Breed
3) Sojat Goat Breed
4) Jamunapari Goat Breed
5) Barbari Goat Breed
6) Jakharana Goat Bread
7) Boer Goat Breed
8) Damascus Goat Breed
9) Saanen Goat Breed

Total Cost of this project:- 20,00,000/-
Twenty Lakhs.

Need support for Daily Wage Earners to fight against Covid-19

Dear Contributors, Please note that the Prime Minister has announced the creation of a fund called the “Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund or PM CARES, that will accept micro-donations too. It will strengthen disaster management capabilities and encourage research on protecting citizens”. This has invited contributions from Tata Sons of Rs. 1500 crores, from Akshay Kumar for Rs. 25 crores and many other large and well known corporates and individuals have announced large donations for. I have also contributed to the fund in my own small personal capacity. We encourage and welcome all donations directly to PM CARES Fund. The details are available on the public domain. Please note that our efforts are intended to reach migrant labourers who fall between the cracks of state government and central government grants. People without local ID proofs, people whom, the lockdowns have kept in their locations, those people who are trying to walk for 2-3 days to reach their own villages. As per the current regulations a labourer can only get free provision and cash transfer in his location of registration for the transfer of free benefits, which is usually their village or native town. This is the reason that millions of migrant daily wagers are trekking back to their home towns so that they can avail of the benefits that the governments have announced. These are people who don’t get the government’s cash grants, the free food distributions where they are, and hence are trying to walk back to their villages to take the advantage of the same. Currently they are stuck where they are, again, due to the lockdown. Ours is a small endeavor by volunteers to reach those whom the state is unable to reach. Wherever we see a pocket of suffering individuals we are happy to step and send food and essential medical supplies or dry rations that will keep people indoors. We will continue our volunteer efforts till such time as our contributors are assured that the state’s effort reach the lowest common denominator. We welcome you to participate if you wish to contribute in volunteer efforts to reach those that the administration will take some time to reach. Our Purpose: Directly support individuals impacted by the virus. As the crisis grows, the people most affected by it will be those living in India’s unorganized sector of the Indian economy. These are typically daily wagers, maids, house helps, construction site workers, plumbers, electricians, workers in small units, delivery boys, etc., and their financial well-being will be directly impacted by their inability to earn their daily wage. It is here that we can all extend our help to such affected persons in turn help their families. Requirements: (a) Food: The large amount of hourly/daily wage workers do not have the backing of any sort of insurance, and as we all know they are among the most vulnerable to the negative financial effects of the pandemic. With no way to cover expenses, workers like these will inevitably struggle to earn money for food and medicinal support. For these two important reasons, reasons, it’s important to look at us, the blessed class of people who The Almighty has granted His Graces, and make a concrete initiative to help them get ahead of the crisis by starting to provide necessary support to individuals like these. (b) Medicine These low-income households are already strained in good times to make ends meet, but this new threat makes it even more important for us to be able to provide immediate medical assistance (to address the basic Covid19 Symptoms) to these targeted households. As educated Indians we have a responsibility to take along the millions who are suffering. Our involvement here will be community participation in conjunction with local authorities to test those people who we are serving food to, and to bring them to the attention of the health authorities if they show signs of the infection. Funds: We need a massive input of funds to run such an initiative(s). Our first step is to raise Rs. 1 crore. But the amount of time and effort needed is massive. We need volunteers, we need administration support to do this, we need help from the authorities for security, we need help from medical institutions for the health checks and we need delivery partners to run this initiative. By our current estimates, the use of funds we foresee are as follows: 75% towards free preparation and food distribution, starting with a 100 percent initially. 15% percent towards medical supplies, masks, gloves, soaps, sanitizers and social distancing devices 5% towards transportation costs. We see ourselves only as the first step to doing this, we are happy to even hand over the initiative to anyone who has the wherewithal and the experience and the scale to take it up and run it end to end, and keep ourselves in a volunteer role. This is just the initiation of the exercise. It will need unprecedented support for all of us to safely get through these tough times. Since basic food is the initial element, we are looking at fulfilment of a meal with 2200 Cal (as per the WHO guidelines). We would like to tie up with cloud kitchens who have the geographical reach to source the meals at good rate (considering this is a social venture) using their existing capacities, with private equity and venture funds, who have access to the funding, to use their good offices to provide us access to CSR initiatives of their investee companies and with large corporate houses and public trusts who have been for decades doing yeomen service. Everyone is welcome to participate in this initiative. Locations: We intend to be operational in such vulnerable areas around at Agra, Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Thane & Pune, though we plan to address the initiative at Bhiwandi for which the drill down is in progress, with focus in the areas such as: Kasheli Kalher Purna Bhiwandi Wada.

Operation: The initial plan is the trial pilot for Bhiwandi & Thane.

We will tie up with a cloud kitchen that will provide us with the meals prepared and delivered to us in unmarked vans in central locations in these areas. We are trying to identify a reputed Organisation (NGO) which has the passion and the wherewithal, to be able to carry out the food (and medicines) to help us with the last mile distribution in these areas. The local administration (local municipal authorities) will need to rope in to provide help in identifying BPL beneficiaries, who will help us identify the right people to be able to cater to in a meaningful manner. We are conscious of the risk exposure to those who will rush to collect the food (and medicines) for which we will have to maintain social distancing rules, the local laws (if Section 144 has been imposed). In this endeavor we will need the local administration’s permission to operate with these zones. More importantly, we will also need to Police support for helping this initiative reach its objective, without any impediment.

The above are aspects where any personal connection that you can provide us will help us in seeking the right combination which will help us steer forward together to help the needy in a concrete manner.