Need Fund for Starting My Catering Services

I am Prathamesh Palav, Thane seeking funds for catering business in Mumbai and suburban. I will need atleast 50Lakhs for it to start with a decent earnings. Food Services emerges as a key segment in Indian Economy. Indian Food Services market on India is estimated at INR 3,37,500/- crore in 2017 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10% over the next 5 years to reach INR 5,52,000/- crore by 2022.

I want to open my catering project in Mumbai for which I need to raise estimated fund of Rs. 50,00,000/-

Project cost as follows:-

1) Central Kitchen :- 5,00,000/-

2) Utensils :- 6,00,000/-

3) Grinder :- 2,00,000/-

4) Gas Stove :- 1,00,000/-

5) Vessels :- 6,00,000/-

6) Preliminary Expanses:- 11,00,000/-

7) Working Capital & Other Expenses:- 20,00,000/-

Total Project Cost:- 50,00,000/-

Seeking fund for my to start to gymnasium

I am krunal Gaikwad profational fitness trainer seeking fund to start up a new gymnasium I will need atleast 1.5cr for it to start with a decent earnings. When we look back on the evolution of the fitness industry in India it is fascinating to see how the demand for fitness products and services has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade people in India doubled inblasr decade. I want to start my fitn center project at the heart of the thane city for that I need estimated project fund of Rs. 1.5cr

Project Essentials:-

1) Buildings advance

2) Training Equipments

3) Computer, CCTV, Office furniture

4) Music system

5) Electrification & Cabling

6) preliminary Expanses

7) Branding & Marketing set Up

8) Interior Work

9) Working Capital

Funds Requested – 1.5cr

Need funds to open my own boutique

I am prachi kundale, an aspiring  entrepreneur and fashion designer who is seeking funds for  my boutique shop. I am seeking a help for a funding of 90 lakhs for my start up which will be into fashion industries. I have work experience of 3 years into this business. And tons of contacts regarding required raw material as well as in garment industries . To start i need around 15-20 lakh deposit and 2-3 lakhs of rent for six months and 14-15 lakhs for interior, raw material and machines will take around 10 lakhs for set up and settle the business. So till then i will be needing back up of funds to bare all the expenses. That’s why approximately 90 lakhs of funds i will require.

Raising funds for my child education

Hello my name is jhuma khan . I need money for my son’s education. As he is staying away from his father and mother and it will take about 6-7 years to complete his educational course. He currently stay in kolkata and he have to study class 11 12 and 3 years of University. Each year it will take about 2.5 laks school fees 1.3 laks tution fees , house rent,food money , purchase money etc.

Raising funds to secure my daughter’s future

I am Vijaylaxmi, housewife raising my 2 beautiful daughters. I want to buy a decent house for myself where i can give better livelihood to them. Also wants to secure their future by giving them best education as per my capability. Being an housewife with no source income it would be difficult for me to do above mentioned things so I am here to look for such angels who can come forward to make this things possible with small donations. If I will get complete donation then I will start my own small grocery shop and rest funds will do bank deposits or Fixed deposits to ensure that it gets utilized for the said purpose only. Grocery store will enable me to manage my monthly expenses as i dont want to be dependent on anyone.

Raising funds for my start-up into Solar industry

I am Nikhil Kamble seeking funds for my start up of Solar Power Plant Project. I will need atleast 60 Lakhs for it to start. The government has recently decided to allow more companies interested in taking part in the projects under the State Solar Power Policy. As a part of development of green power, particularly the Solar, the Government Of Maharashtra has given the opportunity to all the Solar developers invluding those who have not participated in the recently concluded competitive bidding for 1000 MW to submit their applications for executing the solar projects. Amenities required for the project.

1) Supply, Installation, Erection and Commissioning of Modules.

2) Module mounting structure and associated civil works.

3) Installation Erection & Commissioning of Invertors.

4) Cables & Associated Civil Works.

5) Testing & Commissioning Transormers.

6) H.T. panels & Associated Civil Works.

7) Meters with C.T. & P.T. Isolators four poles structure & related evacuation system with switchyard lighting & civil works.

8) SCADA, weather station, Earthing & Lighting protection.

9) ACDB, DCDB, batteries with charger control panel etc.

10) String Combiner Boxes.

11) Invertor & Control Room Boundary wall work approach road with water tank.

12) Insurance.

13) Engineering & Men Power & out of pockets expances.

14) Miscelleneous.

Estimted Project Cost:- 60,00,000/- Sixty Lakhs.

Thanking You.

Funds for my startup for tours and travels Pvt ltd

I am Sachin. raising funds of 90 lakhs for my startup which will be into tours and travels . I have ultimate knowledge of my industry which I gained from my experiences. I have an office space . I need to buy luxury buses for my business. I am the only earner in my family . And I am a full time driver thats why I have contacts in this industry which will help me to sustain in the market. Amount of raised money will be used to manage the expenses like maintenance , salary for drivers and cleaners, office rent for around 12 months until it gets settled the business.

Funding required – 90 Lakhs.

Raising funds to pay off my home loan

Hi I am Sumedh Jadhav from mumbai , raising funds to pay off my home loan from HDFC Bank of 40 Lakhs. Which I am finding it difficult to pay as unfortunately my wife has lost her job whose salary used to take care of it. Therefore my salary is insufficient for my monthly expenses. Now a family 4 members are dependent on me, my wife my parents and my daughter. As you guys already know how difficult it is to pay monthly EMI’s towards home loan when there are limited source of income. If this loan will be taken care then I will be able to give more time to my family and also it will allow me to take care of my family peacefully. This loan has brought immense stress on me and my family so I will appreciate if I can get a support from you guys either to eradicate this problem or lower it down. Thanks in advance.

Need Funds for my Start-Up

I am Rahul Kadam, an aspiring entrepreneur who is seeking funds for my startup in civil works like constructing and maintaining Indoor & Corporate gardens, Landscaping and all. I am seeking a help for a funding of INR 80 Lakhs for my startup which will be into civil works. I have amazing contacts and my close friends who would are ready to help me with me some civil contracts so that I can start with. To get a contract, I will have to bid for tender and which will cost me around 25-30 Lakhs and then after getting contract from the day 1 my expenses will get start to pay all the labour contractors along with the machinery which will be used to complete the work. However the payment from the client will be released in 3-6 months so till then I will be needing a backup of funds to bare all the expenses. Thats why approximately 80 Lakhs of funds i will require.

Needs funds for my Educational Institute

I’m Swati, seeking a help from you guys to open my own classes. As of now I’m taking home tuitions at my place there are almost 75 to 80 students. I want to expand this business. I want to open classes in commercial space for that I need your support. Funds required for: 1) Need funds for Commercial space on rent. (2 years backup of rent & deposit) 2) Needs funds for Interior expenses. 3) Need funds for infrastructures. 4) Need to hire 3 teachers. So there salary will be almost 20 to 25k. So these are the things which I need to do to start a classes so I will be needing 20 lakhs from you guys. Looking for a support which will enlighten many lives.