Let’s make Maharashtra free from hunger, poverty, and backwardness

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About the Campaign

There are many districts in India which are backward and underdeveloped. We have started our journey from Maharashtra region as this region among the list.

Aims to develop all these areas by providing them with a self-sustaining model. One campaign is for a single area as we will be covering all the Phases. This is phase 1.

It is a well-known fact that the Maharashtra region is one of the most backward region with a grim face of ugly poverty. Most hunger deaths are reported from the region along with farmer’s suicide every third day. Lack of natural resources, poor communication, infertile land, erratic rain distribution is some of the reasons. The people of these areas are facing following problems which are listed hereunder-



Problem- People are forced to go nearly 30 km for the basic medical facilities. (Not even a medical Store)

Solution – A medical centre, a pathology lab, a medical store will be available.


Problem – Lack of proper educational facilities.

Solution – An educational centre equipped with modern technology will be provided, with special emphasis on girl and adult education.


Problem – Water Scarcity is common as most of the ponds and wells are dried including handpumps.

Solution – We will revive and recharge water bodies with the community help.


Problem – Cattles are abanded due to lack of fodder (Annapratha is common here)

Solution – We will provide training to the farmers for cattle rearing for livelihood.


Problem – Unemployment resulting in migration.

Solution – We will provide various vocational training on a localized basis under skill development and digital education.


Problem – Lack of communication and awareness.

Solution – We will provide an information centre, which will provide information about various government schemes and awareness programs will be organized on various social issues.


Problem – Legal services are not available resulting in exploitation of poor.

Solution – Legal services will be available bridging the gap between the local administration and the people.

Most of these problems are man-made and can be resolved. We will be the first of its kind where so many facilities will be provided under one roof and will be a self-sustaining system.


Let’s make Maharashtra free from hunger, poverty, and backwardness

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