Need funds for Goat Farming Business

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About the Campaign

I am Sachin seeking funds for my start-up which will be based in Ratnagiri. I will need atleast 20 Lakhs for it to start with a decent earning. Goat is popularly known as poor mans cow. So many peoples are showing interest in raising goats in Maharashtra since goat meat has excellent demand. Goats can be raised for different purpose such as meat, milk, and skin.
However most commercial goat farming in Maharashtra is done in an intensive semi- intensive or stallfed environment. Maharashtra topography and climate is very well suited for goat farming. Profits in goat farming are limitless under ideal livestock management practices.

The fixed investments include:-
land, shed/shelter, storage items, pasture area, feeding trough, drinkers, electric equipment, waste management, feed cutting machines, feed storage room, and milking equipment for dairy goats.

The list of goat breeds as:-
1) Osmanabadi Goat Breed
2) Beetal Goat Breed
3) Sojat Goat Breed
4) Jamunapari Goat Breed
5) Barbari Goat Breed
6) Jakharana Goat Bread
7) Boer Goat Breed
8) Damascus Goat Breed
9) Saanen Goat Breed

Total Cost of this project:- 20,00,000/-
Twenty Lakhs.

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