Need funds to spread awareness amongst women and girls on sanitation and hygiene

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About the Campaign

“Help us spread awareness amongst women and girls on sanitation and hygiene”




Our Foundation team and we’ve been here in Maharashtra, taking care of girl child in need. We have started as a social experiment last year with the sole purpose of helping smart, underprivileged girls get an opportunity to pursue their dreams through higher education and eventual employment.




We are here to raise funds to Build Rest Rooms For girls.


Did you know that “Toilets are a luxury in Maharashtra’s government schools.” Despite the issue being highlighted time and again, toilets in schools remain dysfunctional.


Poor infrastructure and dreary ambiance are enough to drive children away. Educationists see a direct link between the high dropout rates and absence of toilets in schools. Sounds incredible, but that’s the bitter truth in the happening city which takes pride in hosting international conferences. A good number of schools do not have toilets at all, and wherever they exist the lack of maintenance has rendered them useless.


You will be further shocked at these facts:


The absence of water facility is another reason why toilets cannot be used.


Staying thirsty, rationing water, using open areas or in the worst case, bladder control, are the ways adopted by the girls and teachers too.


Additionally, there are no slabs and no proper flooring in the existing restrooms.

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