Raising funds for my Start-up (Bamboo farming)

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About the Campaign

I am Sumit, raising funds for my startup in bamboo farming which will be based in Maharashtra. So I need your support to start this business as soon as possible which has the capacity to bring fortune. Bamboo is an important part in the socio-economic development of India. It greatly contributes to the economy of the nation. It is estimated that, the annual turnover from bamboo plantation in the country amount to 9000/- crores of rupees.
The demand of bamboo in India around 26 million metric tonnes approximately and is expected to increase in the near future.

Uses of Bamboo:-
1) Fencing
2) Support Material in Agriculture.
3) Construction Purpose.
4) Handicrafts
5) The Shoots are edible.
6) Making furniture.
7) Panels and Particle Boards.
8) Pulp and Paper.
9) Biomass production.
10) Making Musical Instruments.

Project Quotation as under:-
1) Cost of planting material:- 60,000/-
2) Manure Charges:- 50,000/-
3) Fertilizers Charges:- 1,00,000/-
4) Drip Irrigation Installation:- 3,00,000/-
5) Cost Of Insecticides and pesticides:- 1,00,000/-
6) Fencing Charges:- 2,00,000/-
7) Labour Charges:- 9,00,000/-
8) Cost Of Irrigation:- 3,00,000/-

Total Cost of Project:-

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